Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Local Politics from a Distance

Because I don’t live home anymore, I hesitate to comment too much on local politics. You can follow it from afar but it is not the same when you don’t live it. So this might explain why the current curfluffle with St. John's Mayor Andy Wells and his new job with the Public Utilites Board is really beyond me.

“Pick a job!” Cry the Liberals.

“I don't particularly care what the Liberals say … they count for nothing," Retorts Andy, in his usual diplomatic fashion.

“Cut Wells’s salary in half!” Suggests councillor Colbert

“Yeah!” Puddister puts in. “It's impossible for Wells to do both jobs completely.”

“I am doing this for you, for the citizens of this great land” Says Wells, as a small tear trickles down his face. "If I can save the citizens of St. John's a half-million bucks, you know, I will…”

Aww, shucks Andy. I think I am going to cry a little myself. It is so selfless of you to stay on as Mayor, just so that a byelection need not be called, thereby saving St. John’s big money.

So you will forgive me Wells, but I do have a couple of questions:

1) As I said, I am not home anymore, so it is likely I may have missed something, but did someone shoot Dennis O’Keefe? You know, the Deputy Mayor? Just what does a Deputy Mayor do anyway? Why is it we have one of those again? If Andy were to be hit by a snow plough, what would Dennis O’Keefe do? Has anyone asked him?

2) Does anyone know where Danny Williams is? After all he appointed Wells to lead the PUB. He has been a little quiet on this topic. Surely our great leader has something to say? Surely there is something Danny Almighty can do, a hidden obsure clause in the Statutes of Newfoundland and Labrador that he can dig up? Maybe he can postpone Andy’s new job for just a couple of months until we get things sorted out?

There must be something that can be done, we cannot allow Andy to suffer and toil under 16 hour work days, he has already done so much for us…just think of Mile One.

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Alison Dyer said...

of course, believing such high-profile public demanding jobs require only 8 hours per day is silly, so 16 hours a day doesn't cut it right? Simply not enough hours in the day to adequately perform both jobs. Even if that was right. What about conflict of interest? Should someone have 2 tugs at the public purse?

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