Friday, February 22, 2008

Well my camera is dead.

And I am a little broken up about it. I loved that thing; it was practically a part of the family. We took it with us on our trips back home, took it camping, on company retreats, parties, heck, it even went into the delivery room with us. Now it is just another piece of technological gadgetry that will sit in a junk drawer until the next manic urge to purge useless crap from my home overtakes me.


Since I have a little guy you know I can’t go too long without a new one, lest the multitudes of aunts, grandparents, and cousins rise up in anger and beat me with my own limbs.

So now we are looking for a new digital camera, one that is fast can record movie files, and is not going to cost me my first born. Is this within the realm of possibility or is this kind of like Hilary asking Bill to stay away from the interns on the campaign trail? Any suggestions?


Charles Cheeseman said...

The Canon A700 Powershot is a great camera for sharp pictures. It also has a video feature, and supermacro lens (great close-up lens, in case you want to zoom in on small objects like a dragonfly).
I bought one two years ago, then sold it, just to get another cam. with other features. But the person I sold it to has produced unbelieveable shots. It was sold locally at Staples, and maybe Future Shop. But also online at
Actually, this particular link is for a Canon A720, probably an updated version, an 8 megapixel camera. The cost for that one is $249 + tx. Good luck.

nadinebc said...

Thanks Charles, I am adding it to my list of possibilites!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the death of the camera, I would be lost without mine too.
I'm not sure of the model, but mine is a Kodak Easyshare, which was my kind of camera because it took good pics and was inexpensive. Plus, you can buy extras for it like the portable printer dock Chad bought me for Christmas. Easyshare also has a great program for doing all kinds of things with the pics once they are uploaded.

Jo said...

I love my little kodak easyshare. I have my better fuji but its bulky and I only use it for special occasions. The kodak goes with me everywhere. It went swimming in the summer and had to rest up for a few months but it works again! Takes great pics, video with sound and you can get all kinds of neat stuff for it. The best part..they're in or around the $100-$150 mark most of the time.

Jay said...

I am a great fan of my Canon Powershot. Mine is an a75 but the model numbers have changed over the last 4 years.It takes short videos as well- with an audio track.
It is a point and shoot model but there are manual settings if you are looking to use it in that mode. It is easy -peasy to down load photos to the computer just plug it in and turn it on.

Table Mountains said...

my son buys his cameras from they have a wide variety of cameras in all price ranges.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nadine. I just got the latest Fujifilm a820 and it's a lovely camera. Fits nicely in your purse and takes SD cards. This is my second Fuji and I love this brand. Excellent video as well.

Good luck on your camera hunting!
Deanna King

nadinebc said...

Thanks Deanna!