Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Newfoundland Herald's Subliminal Message?

Have you seen this week's cover for the Newfoundland Herald? Does it strike you as a little odd? I don't know about you, but I think someone at the Herald is trying to tell us something. There are a number of possibilities as to what exactly he or she is trying to say. Let us consider each.

1) This could simply be nothing more than the graphic artist's Freudian presentation of Steven Harper assets (considering Ole Stevie's turgid stance on gay marriage, let's just assume the graphic artist responsible for this cover is a she). Perhaps she thinks a lot of the Big PM and all he has to offer. Now I always thought he presented as a rather rigid individual, but this tumescent depiction is ridiculous.

2) It is possible this cover is the complete opposite of romantic glorification of the PM private member. No, this could conceivably be the downstairs version of the evil eye. Representations of the phallus abound in both the art and literature throughout the history of human kind; on frescoes, on amulets, statues, etchings, tripods, drinking cups, vases, and architecture. In the 1st century Roman world, these were apotropaic symbols used to protect people, to ward off evil. What could be evil about Stevie? Or Danny for that matter?

3) Look closely at the photo, those two are standing ever so close together. Look at the PM's tender smile, as he gazes at Danny's profile. Notice how he turns inward, pulling his form toward Danny's frame. Meanwhile, Danny looks coyly to the side, avoiding Steve's attentive countenance. Maybe they got together after dinner last week, maybe they had a few drinks, caught a film, Brokeback Mountain perhaps? It could be Danny was telling the truth when he said the dinner was a "political charade". It could be things are looking up for Newfoundland.

Wait a minute...what is with all the money in the lower left corner, and the prime St. John's real estate in the background?

Maybe that is not a loving grin, perhaps that is the smirk of a man who has you by the short and curlies. The churlish grin of someone who has the upper hand and knows it. Is that why Danny is not facing the camera? Come to think of it, I have never known him to miss a photo opportunity. Just what is going on here?

Only the Herald knows I am afraid. Only the Herald knows.


Steve said...

You're one sick chick, Nadine. I love it!

nadinebc said...

Thanks, I aim to please.

It could have been something I ate.

Or the lack of sleep. The Boy has been sick. Again.

Nahhh, that is just a screwed up cover.

Steve said...

Check this out.

You're not the ONLY one!

nadinebc said...

LMAO! I remember that can!

I also remember this dude, check out the schnoze on Joe here:

Steve said...

Handsome clean shaven fella!

Ok... you win. I can't beat that!

WhitbyDude01 said...

I was actually going to suggest that like Nadine said she hasn't been getting any sleep lately and physically she has been constantly in pain from one thing or another causing temporary insanity.

However upon further reflection I have come to the realization that this is in fact the REAL deal here folks. Sleep's got nothing to with it, kids have got nothing to do with it....my wife is crazier than a shithouse rat.

Isn't she awesome!

NL-ExPatriate said...

Dam girl you could write for rick mercer. Thanks!

Emilie said...


nadinebc said...

NL-ExPatriate, Rick happens to be favourite of mine so I am flattered you would think that. Thanks.

Puffin said...

Nadine ,I am so happy that you are my niece,cause I know you are going places with that wit.Don't forget you are my god child.When your rich and famous I want you to get that in mind.

Michael Collins said...

Now THAT is hilarious. I think I got my fill of chortles for the week.

Steve said...

I have a friend named "Rick" too.

Who am I kidding? I don't have any friends.

Robert said...