Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Promise of a New Year

What is it about the New Year that has everyone jumping on the quitting bandwagon? Quitting eating. Quitting drinking. Quitting smoking. Quitting Swearing. Is it the new part of the New Year; the fresh start? Or is due in part to the three or more weeks of excesses we have allowed ourselves over the holiday season? Too much eating, too much drinking. Not enough exercise.

I resolved not to make anymore resolutions years ago. While I do use the New Year as a time to try to introduce small manageable changes, I kissed the quitting bandwagon goodbye.

This year though is a bit different. It was not one of our better Christmases. Our son was very sick, the sickest I have ever seen the little guy. On top of a double ear infection, he had a stomach virus and a cold. When I wasn’t cleaning up puke, changing a dirty diaper, wiping a snotty nose or soothing the crying lad, I was staring at him in horror, waiting for his head to spin around. While he did not pull a Linda Blair, he came very close. My husband and I were exhausted.

On New Years Eve we found ourselves looking back at the year we were passing by, thankfully, on this side of the topsoil. It was rough. Adjusting to life with both of us working with a young child (one who has been sick too often), and Don gone 12 hours each day has been difficult. My Grandmother passed, my Aunt C was in and out of hospital, my sister has some strange tumor thingie on her thumb no one seems to be able to identify (I think she should call it Fred and move on) and so on…And each time something happens we are too far away from family to really be there for each other.

Something has to change. I am not sure what will ease things for us, but I know we need to release the pressure valve somewhere. And so, that is what we will be working on this year, 2008: easing some of the pressure.

I do wish that whatever surprises the New Year brings you that your health, happiness and prosperity is a part of it.

Here is hoping 2008 is a good year.

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WhitbyDude01 said...

Take heart. You still have a family that loves you and that counts for a lot. How many others spent Christmas alone last year? We are all going to get sick at some time or another. Live postively because you have a lot to live for and there are a lot of people who appreciate you being here :)

you nerd