Monday, January 14, 2008

Way to go MUN!

Some of my students are preparing for exams now- and sadly, many are just hoping for the best. Others also have the added stress of preparing for life after school- which for many simply means more school.

Students often ask me about different universities and different programs- and I tell them what I can, and try to point them to someone more knowledgeable on the subject.

While helping out one of my kids today I discovered something I did not know about Memorial University- it is the only English Language university in Canada to offer programs in Folklore. Which only makes sense, the Rock is the perfect location for such a field of study. We have incredibly rich oral traditions, ballads and songs, distinctive dialects and a heritage woven from the threads of many different cultures.

So way to go MUN!


WhitbyDude01 said...

Newfoundland in general is awesome that way. There must be a considerable number of folk tales, myths, legends, hauntings, etc. just waiting to be told. I remember when I was a kid my father telling me about how pirates were known to visit the rock from time to time and that they may have even used remote parts of Newfoundland to stash treasure...hearing about this kind of stuff really fired up the imagination when you were a kid

Jo said...

I know a few people with minors in folklore. They know all kinds of interesting stuff.