Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life in a Day

One of the most talked about movies at Sundance this year was Life in a Day. Dubbed an experiment in citizen film making, this documentary makes use of YouTube videos shared by thousands of people across the globe- sharing the silly, mundane, disturbing, poignant and achingly sad moments in brief snatches of time. The aim is to show the shared experience that is our lives in one single day (July 24, 2010).

The result can be seen tonight at 8 p.m., when Life in a Day is screened live on YouTube from its Sundance world premiere. Ridley Scott, and Kevin Macdonald direct.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I envy her the energy!

Holy crap! Is this young woman from Kilbride, Newfoundland happy to be on the Ellen show or what? She is the second contestant. Trust me, you can't miss her!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yer Spring

I could use some Spring right now...until then, Hey Rosetta will do.

Yes it will do nicely.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy Bee

I guess it is a little late to wish you all a Happy New Year as we are now at the end of the first week of January. However, I am going to do it anyway- I do hope this is a good year for everyone.

I have been far too busy the past little while. I don’t know what I was thinking back in September when I signed up for assorted committees (Grad, SAT, and the PRO), an online course, Skills Canada, and more recently to create a pilot course for the Adobe Creative Suite 5 package our board is considering buying. Seriously, what was I thinking? I have a family I need to fit in there somewhere!

I installed CS5 last night- we had to buy a new computer to load and run the sucker because this puppy is huge. When it finally loaded, I had a quick look-see and immediately started to panic. It is so much different than I am used to. The last version of Flash I worked with was Flash MX…same with Fireworks. It doesn’t even look like the same product. What is the difference between a Page and a State? Photoshop and Illustrator were not as terrifyingly different, but there is a still lot to learn. I broke out into a sweat just looking at the new tools and panel arrangement. I just used the plain old CS versions of those packages before and then only to manipulate a photo or create a graphic for a website created in notepad, or on an adventurous day- Dreamweaver- which has also gone nutso (in a good kind of way).

So lots to learn, lots to create, lots to prove, and little little little time to do it.

How is your new year shaping up?