Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch

I imagine many blogs are buzzing about the death of Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist whose “last lecture” about facing terminal cancer became an Internet sensation.

Pausch was diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer in September, 2006. His lecture focuses on his choice to live the life he had always dreamed of instead of concentrating on his disease. He wrote the lecture with his children in mind, but millions of hits to his video prove how many others saw value and truth in what he had to say.

If you haven't seen it, take some time with it: share it with your significant other, and your children. We all know these lessons already- but oh how easy it is, in the repetition, the duty and doldrums of daily life to forget the important stuff. The things that matter.

My favourite part is when he describes when he was finishing his undergraduate degree, and discussing with his mentor his next step. Randy was thinking about entering the workforce, and his mentor, Andy van Dam, urged him to consider going to graduate school, and become a professor. When Randy asked him why he said "Because you are such a good salesman, and any company who gets you is going to use you as a salesman, and you might as well sell something worthwhile, like education".

Thank you for the reminder Randy Pausch, it is a beautiful tribute to a life well lived. A life well loved.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Watching what we say.

I haven't been blogging, or reading blogs much these days. I have been a very busy bunny. Each day follows the same routine: I wake up and get my son and husband ready for work, drop the big guy off, and take the little guy to the gym with me (I am trying to shrink my circumference- I noticed a few weeks ago I had a few small moons orbiting around my ass). The gym is a sweaty and thus far, fruitless endeavor which has yet to yield any shrinkage. But I still go, clinging to the hope it will work eventually.

Next I head back home with Wil, we play a bit outdoors, or inside, have lunch and then he has a nap. While he naps, I check my email, and tackle the day's project. It could be packing, or gutting, or cleaning. Good times. Yesterday for example, I cleaned out the garage. Packed up what I could there, dodged spiders and large freakish blue ant like monstrosities that kept flying into my hair, and threw out a lot of junk.

Once the daily task is complete, I wake up the little guy and we a) go to park, b)play in the back yard, c) go to Little Feet d) go to the mall.

Then we pick up husband, get dinner, clean up, bathe boy, catch up with husband, go to bed, start the whole mess all over again the next day. Aren't you envious?

Yesterday I checked my email, and saw one from Karen, with the subject header "busted". In it was a link to Wayne's blog to a page where this blog was called out. It was a sad day folks.

It seems that Missing the Rock is one of the NL blogs with the highest Cuss rate. When I first read Wayne's post, I was indignant, my blog isn't that bad! I might let the odd shit and ass go, but rarely the F bomb! Did ya check out Adam Fire Fist Shows No Mercy Wayne? Did ya, huh?

And then, I remembered what happened the morning before, as we were rushing to get Don off to work on time, and Wil ready to go to the gym with me. First Don couldn't find his wallet, then I couldn't find my keys, then Wil was running off with his sandals. I chased after him, tackled the slippery little wiener and started putting on his sandals: "Come on Sweat Pea, help Mommy, we can't be late." I whispered, struggling to get them on his feet, then I realized his little toe was caught: "Oh Shit!" I said, flustered.

And then, in the sweetest voice, on a register and tone reserved only for angels and toddlers: "Oh Shit" followed by a giggle.

Oh shit indeed.

There are times when I have to watch my mouth, and by extension, what I type. I really do need to make an effort to watch what I say at home- because I have a young and impressionable audience (who is learning to talk). I must consider how I want him to speak. However, what I do here is a little different. I do tend to write very casually here, this is something I do because I enjoy it, I have fun with it. This isn't The New Yorker (thought they seem to get into enough trouble without the cussing) or The Globe and Mail. Nobody is paying to read what I write. (Sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually reading what I write) A few colorful metaphors here and there can't hurt- not here. Right?

Wayne's post made me wonder though. Should blogging be something that is a little more formal in tone? Do we need to censor ourselves? Do you think it bothers the average reader? What do you think?

Oh and for the record, this blog's cuss level was medium...See Wayne, I am no Andrew Dice Clay!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where the hell is Matt?

And man, would I love to do whatever it is that you do- which allows you to do this:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

I am at home sick, but what the hey! It is a holiday.

And since I am not well, and I am kind of sooky I am going to ask you to do the work.

Tell me what being Canadian means to you.