Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where the hell is Matt?

And man, would I love to do whatever it is that you do- which allows you to do this:


Karen said...

Read his bio here:

He doesn't have a high paying job, he was lucky enough to get a sponsor to do this.

Steve said...

Lucky sumbitch.

ThatJimGuy said...

Hi Nadine! I haven't been 2 the Rock forum in a long time, as usual. Just wanted 2 thank u for signing my guestbook. Lots of personal probs now, but I hope to read & catch up w/ur blog when the dust settles.

ANYWAY... this guy was on (I think) CNN or CNN Headline News. Or maybe it was MSNBC... I channel surf so much I forgot!

They put him in front of a green screen and let him dance on the moon and stuff. Was pretty funny. And yeah, he got a sponsor or 10, but seems like a decent guy.

At least I have one consolation to he being lucky enough to travel the world... I finally found someone who dances WORSE than me!!! ;-)

Keep in touch. I will move, but my site won't (unless I can't pay for it any more!)

Salut ma bonne amie! :-)