Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bitstop's Fog Doc

I know I have talked about Bitstop before- it is a beautifully done site by a friend of mine. Her stunning shots of places back home leave me speechless. Yesterday she created the coolest entry: documenting the steady creep of fog skulking its way over the ocean, quickly swallowing the cliffs of Signal Hill, and moving on to consume the city.

Have a look through Karen's blog, and her website too, she has a ton of photos there as well. I have stolen one of her more recent photos of Cabot Tower and put it here just to entice you. I keep telling her she should sell her work, and she keeps telling me I am foolish to believe so. Perhaps she is right on the foolish bit- but I know I am right about her talent.


rcashin said...

Just to confirm that - yes, you ARE foolish.

Small world. Karen's partner(?) Joe Dawson used to work with me, and is a very good friend of my brother (and YOUR cousin) Jamie Cashin.

I noticed that fog yesterday while driving to work. Even for St. John's, it was an eerie, beautiful, unusual fog.

I agree - Karen's photos ARE striking. Have you seen any of Jamie's? He's also amazing. I'll send you a link if you haven't seen any of it.

Cousin Rob

nadinebc said...

Send me the link for sure! And thanks for dropping by- I always wonder who reads this damn thing, if anyone!

And it is a small world... I love these little connections we all seem to have.

Jo said...

I agree, Karen's photos are awesome. I'm waiting for her to do a coffee table book with her bird shots. Those are my favorites and are far better than any professional ones I've seen.