Saturday, August 4, 2007

So you say you can't cook?

Well now folks, (let's face it people, we are mainly addressing the males of the species) here is a blog for you: Pioneer Woman Cooks

This woman has a variety of meals as long as you want great flavour and nothing remotely close to low fat. I mean, there is probably three recipes on there that don't require butter. She has great wit too, you can't help but smile as you read her blog. Essentially she goes through each recipe, step by step, with photos of each part of the recipe, and tips on how to make it turn out just right. From the assembled ingredients, to the finished product, it is all laid out clearly for you. The instructions and visual aids are so clear that you would have to be either allergic to kitchen utensils, or have attained my husband's level of culinary ineptitude to screw it up.

So next time you have that hot date, or maybe the in-laws are coming over and you want to impress, check out her website. She will get you through it....a few pounds heavier then you were when you started, but hey, nothing is perfect.


kodak said...

It's too bad some of the great tasting meals are loaded with fat and not so good extras like preservatives, and high sodium. I'm a male and don't like cooking but have to, but in the past two years I have been eating better in general - cooking with olive oil, eating things that lower chlosterol, like walnuts, and garlic, eating more organic, and psyllium fiber. I used to make a wicked chilli, using extra lean ground beef. If you're going to do chilli, brown the meat in small bits, so that there is virtually no fat left in the pan. The thing is, even extra lean still has 10-15% fat in it to begin with.
Here is another low-calorie recipe site:

There is a local site called The Wellness Guide here that has general health and well being articles:
I added a couple of recipes for the site owners recently.

Weather's great here today on the rock, gotta love summer. All the best,


nadinebc said...

Thanks! I will have to check that out!

Anonymous said...

Why are you so nasty and negative? You seem to think tearing down others on their blog or in your own, is blogging. What it truly is is you just being nasty! It only reflects that your an unhappy person who takes it out on other people. Does it make you feel better? It only shows you in a bad light and although I am sure you don't care what it makes you look like (because nasty people usual don't) but we don't want to read your negative comments. If it is not your liking then just keep on passing through...

Pissed off in Seattle!

nadinebc said...

Pissed off in Seattle!

It would be helpful if I knew what you were talking about. I think I am free to say what I wish on my own blog. And you are free not to read it. Yet you are here- being nasty...mmmm

I have not been nasty on other blogs, quite the contrary. So you are either nuts or perhaps your reading level is not quite up to par.

So Nasty in Seattle (you can't even stand by what you say- you have to skulk behind a nickname) thank you for your post. Next time try to have something relevant to say.

Steve said...

Dear Pissed Off In Seattle,

Nadine was far from nasty in this post. In fact, the Pioneer Woman Cooks blog attained at least one new reader when I read Nadine's post. She compliments the writing style and the thoroughness of the instructions.

So, unless you are Nadine's husband and are upset at her dig about his level of culinary abilities, piss off!

Teeth baring in Moncton.

nadinebc said...

Thank you Steve, or should I say Teeth baring in Moncton! Very kind.

Anonymous said...

I did not say that you were nasty (nasty = mean)on your blog. So, Steve take Nadines advice and check your reading level.
The below messages was what you left on someone else's blog. I felt you were nasty or maybe even a bit snotty. What happens so many times in blogging or comments, (much like emailing) we type something off and don't take the time to really think of how it sounds to that other person. Much like what I did you. You may have not meant to be mean sounding but it did read that way. By you telling me to "stop by when I have something "relavant" to say" is pretty much what I wrote to you - your delivery was just nicer but it had the same meaning!

Not hiding in Seattle, you just struck a nerve and I apologise for my nastiness on your blog. Two wrongs don't make a right!

Teresa in Seattle - sorry don't have a web page or a blog. Only choice left is Anonymous.

Here is yours:
Posted by: Nadine | August 04, 2007 at 09:47 PM

So this isn't lasagna so much as some kind of a prefab beef casserole?

Good to know if I also want to land a Midwestern husband and score the HomeDepotExpo pseudo gourmet kitchen!

In the interrim, my herbs don't come from jars; my cheese doesn't come from canisters, and I don't cook with ground beef and/or Jimmy Dean sausage that is squidged from a plastic roll.


nadinebc said...

That is not my post you petty little illiterate. My post is under my name and it reads:

"I love your site- great if only I can get you to do a bunch of tasty low sugar/fat meals!”

I have just blogged about your site."

So Teresa, the person who posted the comment you are flipping out about is:
Posted by: GardenShow | August 08, 2007 at 07:26 AM

Before you mouth off lady, it might be nice to get your facts straight. Go be a pest somewhere else. You probably don’t have enough couth to come back and apologize for being wrong and ignorant (because nasty people usual don't- sound familiar?)

Steve said...

.... and the crowd chants....

Nadine! Nadine! Nadine!

nadinebc said...

Ha! I must say I was a bit shocked to see her come back. I was more even tempered with her the first time- people make mistakes. But to come back a second time and insist she knew what she was talking about, and ten deny what she said about my blogging to you (even though it is clearly in writing: "You seem to think tearing down others on their blog or in your own, is blogging"), well that was too much. The gloves came off then- a gal can only take so much BS.

Doubt she will be back.

And now on to more important things like my son's dirty diaper.

Steve said...

Either way, you have shit to take care of! (sorry about that, I couldn't help myself!)

BTW... I added your blog to my LINKS list. I like your style of writing and the type of content you include. Just stuff from everyday life with a humourous twist. Link-worthy for sure. (Besides, you scared me, defending your blog like a mother bear!)

Keep up the good work...