Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seattle's Fremont Troll has escaped, Irritates Bloggers

The Fremont Troll has been lurking under the north end of the Aurora bridge in Seattle since 1990. But about a week ago the 18-ft. tall mammoth vanished into thin air. The missing Troll worries authorities because it has been off its medication for sometime now and police are afraid that the grey beast could hurt itself or someone else.

There have been numerous sitings but none have been confirmed. Analysts are now viewing security footage from a local Internet cafe where tipsters say they saw the Troll surfing the net and eating Paydays. Servers in the heart of Seattle's technology center are adding credibility to this claim as they have noticed a marked increase in Spam and Internet Troll attacks on Blogs, Forums and Chat rooms.

If you see this Troll, do not engage it. Without medication it has no control over its emotional centers. It is impervious to reasoning as it has the mental capacity of a toddler. Just proceed as though you do not see it, and contact authorities immediately.

Or you can do as I have, and record their IP address. Should the Troll come back to disturb me, I shall just have to send it something nasty.


steve said...

I'm afraid to comment, for fear I might impower the troll.

WhitbyDude01 said...

nice sleuthing....and here I was thinking it was just an a@#hole!