Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I can see you infected finger person!

Would the person who found my blog by entering the following words into google: “red line going up arm from infected finger” please stand up. Are you standing red line infected finger person? Good. Now get off the internet and haul ass to the Doctor’s office will ya? Jaysuz.

I almost dropped my tea this morning when I read that in my site stats. I can see what types of searches are performed and the search engines used to do it- sometimes it is really weird to see how people get here, and other times it is downright scary.

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to use the Internet to diagnose everything from a simple tummy ache to congestive heart failure. I don’t remember Dell shipping an honorary medical degree to me when I bought my computer. I mean I can check the box again but I am pretty sure all I am going to find is the bill.

The net has got to be bad for hypochondriacs. If you do a search with just headache, nausea, and dizziness as your symptoms you will find yourself with any thing from vestibular balance disorders, to ear infections, to cancer. Pick your poison!

Hey, I am all for people empowering themselves with information, and being proactive about your health- but when you have got a “red line” going up your arm from your “infected finger” you should not be on the net. You should be at a hospital somewhere, probably hooked up to antibiotics.

Now I understand a lot of people want to avoid going to a crowded ER, where if you weren’t sick before, by the time you get to see someone and get out of there it is a good bet you will have caught something new. Consider it a parting gift from Canada’s health care system to you. A perverted little loot bag of disease. Yes, I understand your reluctance, but there are other options. Call a nurse! They are the ones who really know what is going on anyway! Many provinces have a system like we do in Ontario called Telehealth where you can call a nurse if you need to. I have called it many times, and saved myself trips to a walk-in clinic or an ER. In Newfoundland Newfoundland and Labrador the number to call is HealthLine - (1-888-709-2929) where you will receive bilingual, not-urgent health care advice. But when in doubt people, don’t log on, or call, just get to the hospital and take care of yourself.

Do you hear me “red line going up arm from infected finger” person? Do ya huh?


Table Mountains said...

maybe to late? : (

people do surf in on the strangest google searches at times. checking my site meter regularly i have came across a few strange ones at times.

Nuclear Mom said...

Ok, I am dying.

At one point I was going to keep a list of wacky searched people did that lead to my blog. I really need to keep the list going.

nadinebc said...

We should all keep a copy of them and share. Or have a competition!

Karen said...

My sister works in the ER of a Newfoundland hospital. She told me never to call the Health Line, they don't answer your questions, they only send you to the ER!!!

nadinebc said...

Really Karen? I find here what they do is tell you to see your Dr if it is really serious, they have never sent us to the ER.

WhitbyDude01 said...

I hate being the bearer of bad news but I did a bit of cross-referencing and investigation on my own and discovered that "I can see you infected finger person!" is dead. There is an obituary site for the person who apparently is from British Columbia and has lived there for the last 21 years. It sounds ridiculous but it was really tragic that it went as far as it did. I feel sorry for anyone who knew her...

just kidding...I can be a real s*it disturber sometimes.

walkergirl said...

I had no idea that you could check the stats, although I doubt anyone has found my blog yet.

I've called telehealth twice and both times they sent me to ER.