Monday, August 27, 2007

Captain Newfoundland. Ever heard of him?

I don’t think he will be coming to a theater near you any time soon; Captain Newfoundland (a.k.a. Captain Atlantis and Samadhi) isn’t exactly, shall we say, marketable. But he is as real a super hero as any other. He is a hippy superhero really, a philosophical guy, always going off in inward rants, and awkward social commentary. This guy is no Clark Kent. He will catch the bad guys, and sit them down and explain to them the Siddhartha method for controlling one's emotions. Captain Newfoundland is an Age of Aquarius type of guy.

Captain Newfoundland is the ultimate “CFA”, which is a Newfoundland saying for a person who is not from the Rock, a person who comes from away. His race came to Earth millennia ago with on a mission to teach young mankind how to build pyramids in Egypt and to become one with the universe in India. I am really not sure why he wasted his time on all this, when the man could have just fast forwarded through time and restored the cod stocks or something useful like that. But who can explain the mind of a super hero? According to legend, his people also founded the kingdom of Atlantis which was almost entirely destroyed (how that happened I was never really sure) all except a little tip…can you see where this is going? That little remaining tip of Atlantis is what is now known as Newfoundland.

Centuries later the Vikings, led by Leif Eiriksson, landed on the Rock and founded a colony. During their first winter, a strange being was sighted, and Vikings being, well Vikings, attacked. The captain then transformed, growing into a giant version of the god Odin. They had a big pow-wow, there was some time travel and probably lots of laser lights, and dancing chicks, and boom they were friends. I was never really clear on why this whole interaction took place. Ah yes, this was the nature of the comic series- a series that took place on the corporeal plane, and the spiritual plane. It was burnt. It was odd. It was something that I believe was the result of either too much wacky tobacky, or not enough time on the psych ward.

There are a lot of weird things about the comic, but the oddest thing of all has to be the fact that the Captain's face is a black mask with an outline of the Island on it. No, I am not making this up, seriously. Look:

Come on, look at me with a straight face and tell me that is not insane! I mean what comic hero has a MAP for a face? It is beyond a little nuts. This full on, you-require-medication-and-full-time-care wacko. And yet somehow it works.

I didn’t pick up the Newfoundland Herald last time I was home, so I have no idea if the series is still alive and well, let alone if the good Captain is still kicking ass. If anyone out there can let me know, I would appreciate it. And if you can update me as to what is going on in the series, I would like that too. Hey, it is always good for a laugh.

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WhitbyDude01 said...

He is the ultimate superhero. Anyone who can put you on an acid trip simply by talking to you has definitely got their freak on.

You are right, no violence from map face, just pontification. He's spoken with fisherman, vikings, and if memory serves correctly extra terrestrials or grays as some people know them. I just call them the b'ys.

How can I find copies of this comic strip dammit? I will have to contact the Newfoundland Herald I guess.

I always kind of suspected that I grew up on a piece of Atlantis....the Newfoundland Herald showed me the real truth of the universe, people under Cod..

Steve said...

I always thought that Captain Newfoundland was something the folks at NTV made up to fill in vacant commercial space between shows, especially late night. Not once did I think there was anything anywhere near as elaborate as your post details.

Learn something new everyday, I suppose.

Anna Woltz said...

Thanks for visiting my pregnancy blog! ^_^ How did you find me?

Also, your blog is really cute! Keep it up!

Ussr said...

Oh God ,Im back Home watch'in NTV at Nans House,in the Harbour,lol!!!!

nadinebc said...

Steve, man they may take away your Newfoundlander status for comments like that!

nadinebc said...

Thanks USSr, nice to see you drop by.

steve said...

Take away my Newfoundlander status? I don't think so... judging from the info provided here, I might get some correctional comments from Captain Newfoundland, but certainly not banished.

But there are other reasons to be banished I suppose. When people tell me that Newfoundlanders are the nicest of people I tell them, "You're right, they just make the assholes leave the island!"

nadinebc said...

Steve!! LOL!

Emm said...

great post lol

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to get my hands on some of the original comics.

nadinebc said...

Oh, me too! Thanks!

michael Strickland said...

HI I loved Captain newfoundland and trying to revive him please go to and lets bring him back to life