Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No longer homeless.

We bought a house last week- I waited until the home inspection, financing and all the I dotting and T crossing was complete before I posted about it. Funny thing is, I expected to be ecstatic when we finally found something, but I wasn't. My reaction was really odd. I almost felt kinda let down.

We bought in another community. It means the drive to work now will be about 20 minutes, but I am hoping it will be worth it. The house backs on to a man made pond (for drainage) so there will be no homes behind us. There is a playground less than one minute away. The community is not very old; is mostly residential- and a lot of people want to move there. The basement is finished and will be a great place for the little guy to play. So on paper it is really good. I should have been doing the dance of joy; but I wasn't. Why not?

Well I haven't got it all figured out, but I am guessing now at a few of the reasons. Part of it is that I know I am headed for a huge lifestyle change. We are so spoiled where we live now, it is ten minutes away from Don's work, close to the GO if we want to head into Toronto, close to the lake. Close to an A&P, Wil's Montessori School. But the truth of the matter was, our house was too small, and houses more suited to our current needs in our neighborhood were out of our price range.

It was also our first home, and as much as we had problems with it, we did spend the last 8 years there, early married couple years...wink wink, nudge nudge. It is the home where I planted my first garden. The home I bought my son home to. The home I have shared with family and friends. The first place that was really ours.

We don't move until late August, so maybe as the date gets closer I will get more excited about leaving and starting to make a new life in a new home. Until then I will enjoy the place I where I live now, and get ready to pack it all up and start anew.


Nuclear Mom said...

I have a feeling I will feel similarly when we finally decide to make the move. Even though logically I know we need a new house and I want a new house, I feel myself resisting a touch. All the memories, the sweat put into the back yard, my kids came home here... sigh. It will be a tough move when it finally happens for us too.

nadinebc said...

It is nice to know I am not nuts for feeling that way. Don thought I finally lost it. He was really happy.

Delores B said...

I laughed when I read this becasue I could have written it myself. We sold our house in downtown St. John's two years ago to move to a house that was more kid friendly for our son. Where we were just wasn't functional anymore, but I loved it because I could walk wherever I wanted. We now have a nice mature backyard on a quiet street, but I miss where we where, even with the occasional moments of mayhem on summer nights. That just added to the character of the place....I'm being a bit of a Job's comforter I guess. Sorry.

Steve said...

You don't need me to say this, but home is where your family is. Your blog title says that. You may miss some of the conveniences of your current neighbourhood, but you'll discover a bunch of new ones at your new place.

To me, my house is a home when I have invested sweat equity into personalizing it. That could be painting, repairing, improving, planting, mowing, shoveling... you name it. There's a brand new slate now for you to do that.

nadinebc said...


No worries about being Job's comforter, it is good to hear others feel the same way. I appreciate the comment. Thanks for stopping by.


My head knows exactly what you heart will catch up.

Brian said...

Maybe some RDF, flies when the sun comes out and a moose eating the garden up?
Just kidding, you will adjust when the move comes.

Toronto real estate agent said...

I can tell you that people are mostly feeling the same way like you. Working as a Toronto real estate agent I have met many of them. You are always excited to buy a new house but then when it is finally done you can’t resist the nostalgic feeling. They are always nice but they are nice because it is a past and we remember just good things and even bad memories after some time could be easily turned to nice ones. I am sure that you will be happy also in your new house.