Thursday, June 26, 2008

It will be sad to see her go.

I find it difficult to find new music that I enjoy. I hate the pelvic thrusting dance music, I don't enjoy the hatred and anger that rap seems to pilfer, and county music makes me feel like I am flossing my teeth with my spine.

A couple of summers ago I heard Amy Winehouse sing live on the BBC, and I was hooked. He voice is profoundly beautiful, and I love the style of music: it is a throw back to an age where talent ran the music business, not image and spin.

It is sad, but this young woman will likely be dead soon. Amy is barreling down the same road Brian Jones, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin , Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain; it's a dead end at two hundred miles an hour. If the drugs and alcohol don't kill her soon, they will surely end her career. The 24-year-old, a crack cocaine addict, is suffering from the early stages of the incurable lung disease Emphysema.

It is sad, this woman is a gifted singer. I have to wonder if she has anyone in her life that can stop her from killing herself. It is always hard to watch someone suffer- but it is damn frustrating when it is self inflicted.

Check her out live on the BBC last year:

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy her too Nadine and it's really so sad that she has taken the road that so many before like her have travelled. I usually tend to stick to the same music that I've listened to for the last 10 years and when I heard her I was so enthaused. I thought that she would be a great new and fresh artist that I could follow. I'm so disappointed...