Thursday, June 5, 2008

Newfoundland Word For June!


This is a word I heard my Granddad use often, and it is one of my favourite words in the Newfoundland dictionary. It means: "guileful fellow, a schemer, a trickster. A sly deceitful man; a mean fellow; rascal; a mischieyous child".

I have met a few of them in my time.


Steve said...

Uncle Solomon Noddy was a sleveen... or was he a hangashore? I don't remember. :)

Steve said...

Oh... and you are early!

Nuclear Mom said...

I have to wait a whole month to use this word!

nadinebc said...

Opps! Fixed it!

I ever got any notification for these comments. Mmmm

Steve said...

Hey! Now that you fixed it, my and nuclear mom's comments seem stupid. What a sleveen you are! ;)