Friday, March 7, 2008

Great. Just freaking great.

More snow.

It is bad enough that we have been dumped on time and time again, but we have to put up with people who feel the need to say things like "Cold enough for ya?" .

In the nine years I have lived in the GTA, I have never seen this much snow on the ground, for this long. It is so unusual for this area that there is an actual snow shovel shortage.

It is not just the snow, it is the grey sky, the lack of light. It is really starting to mess with my head. The poor shaggers at the Weather Network are getting desperate too- they just don't know how else to say more snow is coming. The latest warning for our area reads : Menacing Snowstorm for Southern Ontario. Jeeze b'yes, what the hell do you mean menacing? It is just a bit of snow.

Yes the sight of it makes me want to ram hot pokers in my eyes. Yes, you mainlanders have no idea how to drive in the stuff. Yes, it is going to be a bitch to shovel. But it is just snow. Not the Lord of the Nazgul, hungover and horseless.

All the same, I am sick of winter. Steve had it right when he posted this lovely postcard to Mother Nature.

Hey Ma Nature, whatever we did to piss you off, we are sorry, and we won't do it again. We would like a new season please.


Charles Cheeseman said...

Yep, winter's a pain in the arse!
We're having a snowless period right now, which is wicked, but the dreaded foggy, cold, and miserable spring is going to start in a few weeks, and that lasts for two morbid months. On the bright side, there is next to zero chance of getting skin cancer due to sun exposure.

Steve said...

I can't agree with you more, on all fronts. Here in Moncton we have more snow than we usually have (I've been here 8 years), but at the same time, we've had more thawing than we usually have. All those ups and downs make for a pretty miserable time. Now, freezing rain all day tomorrow and more rain/snow for Sunday. Aaaarrgh!

nadinebc said...

I like a bit of winter. It is good for the skaters, the ice fishers, the skiers, the snow angel makers and those who like to write their name on the cold white canvas.

It is good to let the earth rest.

But enough is enough!

Didn't that rodent say we were going to have an early spring? If I was handy to that weasel now I would BBQ it.

Charles Cheeseman said...

Nadine, judging by that comment, your dinner guests might be in for a surprise:)

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

It hit 0 here today and it actually snowed yesterday and a little bit today! Snow up here is something we look forward to, because it means it is warming up! :) (Fort Rae, NWT)