Monday, March 10, 2008

Education is not a liability

It is an investment; like all good investments it takes years to pay off. You would think a Finance Minister would be aware of this basic fact of economics. If he is aware, it appears that Jim Flaherty cares less about that then he does getting those photo ops with the wife and kids just right. Stop sending that crap to me in the mail Jim! I don't want a Christmas card from you. Or a bulletin from your wife on her community contributions. Can't you people think of better ways to spend that money?

Apparently he can't, because that little prick is going to quash a bill that would allow parents to contribute up to $5,000 annually for each child to a Registered Education Savings Plan – and deduct the amount from their income taxes.

I guess it sounded too much like a good idea. One that will help families make a better life for their children. Children who, as well educated, trained, skilled tax paying adults would help to make a stronger Canadian economy. But who needs that hey Jim? Your kids won't have to worry, and I guess that is all that really matters.

Isn't it ironic, after all the Conservatives whining about the Senate, that they spent a great deal of time trying to convince that very same Senate to kill the bill. If not kill it, have the Senate Tories two-step around it long enough for Jimmy to get his work-around in place.

I don't believe he is really killing this bill because he feels it "imperils the fiscal plan of the government". Nope, this is more about forcing an election at a time when his government is comfortable no one really wants to vote for the other guys in the big house.

Be that as it may gentlemen, but I will not be voting Conservative this election. I am sure there is a Green Party Candidate in the woodwork somewhere who will get my vote. Cripes, at this point I would seriously consider the Yogic Flyers.


Steve said...

I hadn't heard about this until I read your post.

I've been having a pretty shitty week, financially speaking, and now this depresses me even more. :-)

You nailed it on one point there. His kids won't be affected one way or the other. Whether it's government or big business, someone out there is getting a pat on the back for manipulating a spreadsheet to get the numbers to show in the black.

Like a lot of our other global problems, someone has to pay. It may as well be our kids.

Please don't mistake my sarcasm for sincerity. I get into SOOOO much trouble that way.

nadinebc said...

Must havebeen tax time for you was it Steve?

Steve said...

Argh! Thanks a lot! I didn't even think about my taxes yet.

Don't bother to guess any more, you will only make me more depressed!

I think I'll just go buy myself a rope.

nadinebc said...

No need for a rope- things have a way of working out.

Says the woman who needs a new bathroom stall because her tiled on is leaking...

Anonymous said...

Tax time really got us this year, I had quite the terrible week.

On another note, this annoucement regarding education "really grinds my gears". I was told by a "gentleman" in his late 50's last week that our generation are not a generation of "doers". That we don't volunteer, join organizations, etc. In which I replied, that is because our generation requires a very expensive education to be mildly successful. Also, that while obtaining this education, most of us have to work (at least) part-time just to make ends meet! He went on to brag about how he worked and was on this board and that board and still raised 3 kids. However, if you asked his homemaking wife, I think she would tell you different.

But is that the idea out there, that we aren't "doers"? I would really like to debate that across a table some day!!