Thursday, November 8, 2007, the Truthiness Encyclopedia!

Just a little sample of what can be found at: Wikiality

Newfoundland is a magical place to the east of Canada. It is full of cod fish, old men, leprechauns and eczema. Newfoundland did not exist before 1949. That is why it is called Newfoundland. Newfoundlanders wear green, white and pink flags all the time. They're probably Communists.

At one point, Newfoundland tried to join the
U.S., but many Newfoundlanders and Americans alike wanted none of that, so like the fat boy that dates the ugly girl in high school, Newfoundland joined Canada for a while. Everybody keeps forgetting that Newfoundland is single now, though - either that, or nobody wants to have to deal with the idea of it being in the dating pool (because it goes potty in the water), and so they still include it in all of the maps of Canada and call it a province and think that people in it say "b'y" a lot.

Odd dudes. Funny, but odd.


Jay said...

How very odd! I had never heard of Wikiality before now.
How is your eczema? Mine is not so good;o)

WhitbyDude01 said...

Stephen Colbert is probably the biggest nut job on TV. Just look that guy's name up using "" and try not to laugh your ass off when you get the return page....absolutely bonkers.

uno said...

I'm glad you like my site! There's a lot more on there. One of my favorites being Internets Americans.

nadinebc said...

How cool is it that you found this entry! I guess you track through stats? Thanks! And your site did give me a few good laughs!