Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Should I call the CIA?

Ever since I put my son in Montessori School (Sept 4/07), he has been sick with one thing or another and so have myself and hubby; because my son is a generous little guy he shares it all with us.

So far he has been stricken with Roseola, an ear infection, a throat infection, pink eye, and now another ear infection and that pink eye is still lingering. Riding right along with him is my husband, who has had sinusitis, the flu, and now another bout of sinusitis. Then there is me, I have had a chest infection, a cold, and I am currently battling a throat infection. We are all on our third round of antibiotics.

Hubby takes the Go train to work every day, and for years now has been restricted in that tiny train car to get to work; it is always crawling with the germs, phlegm, and airborne cold missiles that only an enclosed space like a train can nurture and cultivate. And yet, he usually catches something that knocks him back once a year. I work with teens all day. They hand in their work on paper that is oozing with their pathogens, and I type on the computers that they hack and whoop and sneeze on all day, and I, like my husband, usually catch something only once a year. I rest, drink fluids, and the malady goes away.

That does not appear to be the way it is working this year. Nope. Not at all. We have had one thing after another for months now…MONTHS! And the damnedest thing is, it never goes away. It just hangs on, like those last five pounds you want to lose. And just when you think you are close to beating it, the damn thing morphs into something else.

I am really starting to wonder about what is going on there at Montessori. Is it really just a school? Or is it a front for something more sinister? I am starting to think it is black ops for some terror cell secretly manufacturing biological weapons of mass destruction. Maybe I should call somebody about this? God, my kid is only a year old, and already he has turned to the dark side.

Somebody pass me a Kleenex.


Steve said...

Hmmmm... I'd check the place out and ask other parents.

When my son was three, he spent time in a daycare. He was ALWAYS sick. Ear infections, scarletina (sp?), stomach issues... you name it. We took him out and had his grandparents look after him during the day. Back to normal... no frequent, constant sickness.

Some daycares scrub ALL toys on a daily basis, sanitize all surfaces, and clean constantly. Some simply tidy up. If it looks clean, it MUST be clean, right?


Eat lots of oranges. Good luck.

WhitbyDude01 said...

You have to consider how children behave at daycare as opposed to how adults behave in the work place. The spread of disease is much more rampant in one setting over the other for good reasons.

If adults acted more like kids it wouldn't be unusual to see things like:

-instead of conversations around the water cooler a couple of adults just standing there and licking it and then rubbing their faces against it.

-employees randomly dropping food on the floor throughout the office, smearing it on cubicle walls....and then of course licking the same walls hours later and grazing off the floor where the food was dropped.

-men and women drooling on each other (and not out of sexual attraction), occasionally biting each other on the face when bumping into one another (tantrums to follow of course)

-men and women urinating and/or defecating themselves at the workdesk and then sitting in that condition for a few hours before the next "changing"

No there is no reason to call the CIA.

nadinebc said...

Steve, my comments on your blog are missing in space :-(

steve said...

I found them and posted them. See my email to you... I think I know what the problem was/is.

Jay said...

I was laughing with you
and then I read Whitbydude's comments and I was rolling on the floor.
I dunno what to say about it though, because maybe just maybe there is something that could be done. We had colds when the little guy was in daycare but never to the extreme that you are suffering. Is the school enforcing tthe policy of keeping EVERYONE'S sick child home until they are fever free for 24 hours? Are they lax with handwashing and disinfection? Is your Gut the only one suffering so ?
I hope it gets better for you guys soon. It will be a very long winter otherwise!
Keep up with the fruits and veg and get lots of rest - oh oh right you have a toddler. . sigh... Good luck with it.

Nuclear Mom said...

Leif's first year in daycare was ditto what you said. Everything. He had everything and we were sick all.the.time. They are little incubators of infection! And since everything goes in their mouths it is even worse.

I am probably jinxing myself by even saying this, but it is different the second time around. My immune system is stellar now and since Skadi breastfeeds she doesn't get sick nearly as much. (Still no ear infections for her!)

I have been told they either get it all now, while in daycare. Or they get it all while in kindergarten. I'll take it now thanks!

nadinebc said...

Never got your email. And I wish that someone was closer so we could have The Boy looked after by people we knew.

Whitby dude; I see adults act like this all the time

Jay; it is pretty clean from what I can tell. One of the best places I looked at. But, yeah, I am not there so who knows.

Nuclear Mom I will try not to freak out about it so much now, your little ones seem to be ok. I guess I am just sick of being sick, and having the boy and hubby sick, and of that damned clinic!

ok rant over.lol

SumNut said...

yes maid it's da RIS lol lol kids hey yup my 2 boys went to K, gr one then 2 were sick then us off & on..
but day cares are the worst they should be bleaching down all the toys once a week good luck it. get's better then like me gr 5 bigger problems now lol

steve said...

The problem with your comments on my blog is that when you added your email in the form, you left out one of the "o"s in "yahoo"....for some reason, those comments get kicked out.

Kalstolyn said...


@whitbydude's comment: I used to work in residential care for adults with developmental disabilities and well... you just described a fairly standard day at work, except, like the daycare where I worked, we spent most of the day washing everything that was drooled upon, picked up dropped food before someone could eat it, etc. But I actually do have an adult bite scar from that job.