Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ever wonder how much of y0ur life is spent waiting? I have been giving that question a lot of thought these past few weeks. Waiting on the phone, waiting in line, waiting in traffic, waiting for a late friend, waiting in the Doctor's office, waiting for test results...the waits never seem to end.

I waited quite awhile yesterday for my Doctor appointment, mentally prepared to hear the best outcome, and the worst, but not expecting what I did get- which was essentially more tests ordered and more waiting.

It turns out the MRI revealed more lesions on my liver, 5 to be exact. While the Doctor could not rule out cancer absolutely, he does not believe it is cancer at this time. My age, lifestyle, and blood work does not point him in the direction of the Big C. Which is good.

It would have been better if he could have said he knew for sure it wasn't cancer...would have been awesome had he been able to tell me what is going on for sure. Alas, I have to go and have yet another test. Something called a Sulfur Colloid test- which will make me radioactive for 24 hours. I wonder if I will glow in the dark after this?

The downside of this test is two fold: it means another injection and I cannot be around children for 24 hours, including my son because I will be radioactive for that long. Yes, I will have a half life.

And, as an added bonus, I have to have a follow up MRI in 3 months to have a look see at what those pesky lesions on my liver are up to.

So that is the update- not exactly bad news, but certainly not great news.


Nuclear Mom said...

Ugh. Hang in there. Are they considering a biopsy to rule out cancer? 3 months seems like a long time to wait for another MRI... been there with my mom last spring. E-mail me if you want to chat.

nadinebc said...

I asked him if we could remove the lesions, it freaks me out knowing they are there, and if we remove them we would know for sure. His answer was: "That would be very dangerous at this time- I want to go with the Sulfur Colloid first". Ugh.

ViewPoint2010 said...

Nadine, sending all kinds of positive energy your way. Be well soon!

Jay said...
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Jay said...

More waiting for you, poor woman! It does seem like so much of life is 'hurry up and wait' these days doesn't it? I have had the same thought recently.
I will keep my fingers crossed that this is easily and happily explained after a second look. You remember to accept the Valium next time you go into the tube!

Jay said...

Whoops that was me that deleted some un-deciferable jibberish that my post became!

Anonymous said...

The waiting game can be more stressful than the results. I'll be thinking of you, Don and Wil.

Sending love;


nadinebc said...

Thanks All,

And yes Steph, the waiting is sometimes the worst thing.

Jenny said...

Hey Nadine, they can do a needle biopsy. They knock you out for it, don't worry, if not, you knock them out before they touch you and then they'll be sure to sedate you. ;) I'm really suprised your doctor didn't order one and is just relying on scans. Everything else must be looking pretty good if he hasn't ordered it. :) Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, k?