Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doing what you can

Gosh I miss home. When I get homesick, I tend to read more news from home, a technique that doesn’t really ease the homesick feeling, but it does make me feel temporarily connected to the Rock.

One of the online links that keeps me in touch is the Grandfalls-Windsor Advertiser even though their online presence a little sparse. This week they had a great article on the front page about a really wonderful initiative by Barb Fifield. She is making dresses out of pillowcases to send to an orphanage in Haiti.

She started out alone- making dresses in various sizes using pillowcases she bought from the dollar store- and was soon joined by her sister Eileen Rumbolt in Port aux Choix. Ms. Rumbold enlisted the help of her quilting group who have been added to the running total of the little dresses. Each dress has a pair of underwear and a buckle loving tucked in the pocket.

What I love about this story is how it clearly demonstrates the power of the individual to affect change. What started out as one woman’s desire to help the children of Haiti inspired a much wider range of people to pitch in.

Gilbert and Yvette Saunders have a daughter working in a Haitian orphanage and they will be bringing the newly sewn dresses to Haiti when they visit. Friends, family, churches and local businesses are all chipping in by making dresses or donating supplies.

All because one woman wanted to do what she could to help.

There are a couple of different patterns online if you are a crafty person and think this is something you could do to help. I have provided a few links below:

A dress from Dad's shirt

Craftzine pattern

Pillow case dress


David Newell said...

Love your blog and I am very pleased you check the Advertiser site for news from home.

The story about the Dress Lady is wonderful - as you know there are many great people in the Exploits Valley!

Sorry our website only offers a tease, but we can't give it all away. (There is a full online subscription available...)

Keep reading!

All the best,

David Newell
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

nadinebc said...

Thank you for your visit David- I do admit, I visit your site every other day. The story of he dress lady caught my eye because of how many people she inspired. I love featuring stories on my blog about people or events back home.

Perhaps I should consider that subscription!