Monday, April 7, 2008

Eat this Charlie

Today Premier Danny Williams denied suggestions that his government knew about flawed breast cancer test results for about 18 months before the public became aware of problems at a St. John's lab.

"I can tell the people of this province that [neither I nor anyone] in my government under any circumstances would attempt to conceal or prevent the disclosure of information that would affect the health of people in this province," Williams said.

Even though exhibits tabled at the Inquiry showed that the premier's chief of staff and communications director were informed in July 2005.

Makes me sick.

I have two things to say to you Danny boy, two very simple things. If you have to skip a photo op or two to digest this information, so be it:

1) I don't believe you were not informed.
(And even if I were dim enough to accept your denials)
2)It is your job to know.

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David c.h. Brown said...

Thank you for your wishes tonight, and also for looking in on my blog.
Here's to the Rock! Dave