Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sweet Memories

When I was about four years old, my family lived in St. John's for part of the year because dad was finishing off the first of three degrees at MUN ( he would later go on to Dental school). During the summer and special occasions we would go to GrandFalls, and each time we would have to make the rounds. I was the first grandchild, so it was very important that I was shown off. I looked forward to the trips to Grandfalls because I could stay each set of Grandparent's houses and be spoiled rotten. I had a total of 10 uncles and four aunts who doted on me and more great aunts, great uncles than I can remember. But as a little kid who had a sweet tooth, I loved going to Great Aunt Minnie's.

Everytime I came into visit, my Great Aunt would give me a kiss, a hug and a small bag of fudge. It was a little baggie tied with ribbon containing a piece of pink fudge (strawberry I think), white (white chocolate), caramel and chocolate fudge. And it was all mine! My dad would sometimes pretend he was going to steal it from me, and I would hold the baggie tightly to my chest and refuse to give it up. Negations would ensue and I would give in and share the pink and white pieces. But never, NEVER the caramel or chocolate. I didn't know it then, but my days of sharing the fudge, and the limelight were just about done because my mom was pregnant with my little sister. And there were two more to come after her- plus dozens and dozens of cousins.

When Minnie passed, my grandma, who had for a very long time had taken care of her, inherited most of her recipes and cook books. But grandma was more of a baker, and I don't recall her ever making fudge. Minnie's recipes for those magical pieces of sugar coated heaven seem to have been lost. I have tried many fudge recipes to try and duplicate the taste, but nothing ever comes close (although my mom has a mean chocolate fudge recipe).

When I married my husband Don, his Granny made fudge for me as a Christmas gift- upon first bite, I was flooded with memories of Aunt Minnie's home on Carmelite road, with Uncle Wil reading in his chair and me with my bag of fudge in my Dad's lap. The recipe was almost exact. However, she did not have the recipe for the strawberry or white chocolate (I think these had coconut in them). So if any of you out there have one you think might be the one I am looking for, please post it here. I will give it a shot.

Until then, here is Don's Granny's & My Aunt Minnie's Newfoundland Fudge recipes:

Put the following into your pot:
3 cups brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup carnation milk
2 tablespoons margarine

Step 1) Boil mixture to soft boil stage (mixture forms a soft ball which gradually disappears when rubbed between your fingers)

Step 2) Remove pot from heat. Allow to cool without stirring until the bottom of the pot is lukewarm.

Step 3) Add l teaspoon vanilla.

Step 4) Beat until fudge loses its gloss.

Step 5) Pour into a greased pan. Cool . Cut into squares.

*For chocolate fudge, add approx. 1/3 cup cocoa to the original mixture.



Nuclear Mom said...

Yum! Fudge sounds fantastic! I am adding it to my list to make.

Great story too.

Rob & Tina said...

I'm going to try it. I'm also going to look through a cookbook I have that belonged to Rob's grandmother who is from Burgeo to see if she has any fudge recipes in it.

Charles Cheeseman said...

I can relate to your sweet tooth. Sounds like you're lucky your dad went to dental school:)

nadinebc said...

Nuclear Mom; You will love it! Let me know how it works out!

nadinebc said...

Rob & Tina

I try any you have for me thanks!!

nadinebc said...

Charles Cheeseman it is good stuff let me tell ya! My Dad went back to school with four kids, I was about 8 when he went to Dental School. 14 when he finished. Those were rough times.

nadinebc said...

Charles Cheeseman it is good stuff let me tell ya! My Dad went back to school with four kids, I was about 8 when he went to Dental School. 14 when he finished. Those were rough times.