Friday, June 29, 2007

New Feature: "I would like to recommend:"

Ever since I started this whole blogging thing, I have started to pay attention to other blogs. What are they doing? How often do they post? What do they talk about? And I have to tell ya, there is a lot of stuff out there. Some of it really interesting, some of it...well not so much.

I came across a blog recently that I believe is really worth your time. It is called Don to Earth, and it inspired a new feature I will be adding to my blog called: "I would like to recommend". Catchy phrase that. Sigh. I never said I was a member of the Literati folks.

Henceforth, I will on occasion blog about something that has caught my fancy. It could be a film, a book, a restaurant or as happens to be the case today, a blog.

Donald Crowdis, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on December 24, 1913 is one of the last living survivors of the Halifax Explosion. He was the first host of the popular CBC Television series The Nature of Things and he was Curator, then Director, of the Nova Scotia Museum. After World War II, Crowdis spearheaded an effort which led to the construction of the Halifax Memorial Library. Don was also a member of the executive team that oversaw the establishment of the Ontario Science Centre.

Now in his 90s, one of the worlds oldest bloggers is watching his wife fade away in a nursing home and reflecting back on his life and looking at what lies before him. Don is taking time to share his life and observations with anyone who is willing to read them. He hasn't updated in awhile, but the material he has posted is beautiful, sometimes sad and often poetic.

I recommend :

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