Monday, June 18, 2007

Missing The Rock

Well, I swore I would never do this. Yet here I am.

I never really got the point of this whole "Blog thing", who really wants the read the bland daily minutia of someone else’s every day life? Have I just added another daily chore to my ever expanding list? I don’t remember being given more hours in a day. So why am I here again?

Still not exactly sure.

I think part of me wants to just jump right in because I miss writing. I used to keep a journal, but I got out of that habit when I went to university. I just had too much other stuff to worry about. Then it was off to real life, and well that just beats the heck out of any creative bent you ever had to play with. But aside from the need to start playing with words again, there are other reasons for entering the blogosphere.

I am a Newfoundlander who is living away from the Rock, and I miss home very much. I miss the people, the clean air, the land and the water. I miss my family. It is an ache in my heart. Over the years that dull ache seems to have burned a hole there- a hole that has gotten bigger since my son was born.

It pains me to raise him here in the province that at times seems to lack a soul- a sense of self, of community, far away from friends and family. As he gets older, I won’t be able to simply let him outdoors to play- like I could when I was young. Too many freaks. Not enough green spaces anyway. No, he will be under constant surveillance, he won't be able to give me a kiss (Awww Mom!!) and just run to the park and play. Perhaps I will hook him up to some sort of GPS- ah! we can micro chip him like we did the cat! Bubble boy meets world.

It is hard to raise him alone too. My husband and I have only one family member nearby (Uncle Brendan and his brood) and while we lament the fact we are missing family, they are also missing out on their only great-grandchild, grandchild, and nephew: Wilson (or Iron Wil as we like to call him). They are missing all his firsts, his daily discoveries of the world around him, his smile.

It ain’t fair.

So I guess the other reason why I am here is to reach out and just make the connections I miss so much. Seems that the electronic method is the modus operandi of choice these days. And so I will give it a whirl.

I do not promise to write everyday, my aim for now is to write twice a week….and we will see how it goes from there shall we?


WhitbyDude01 said...

I like it. That guy who does the movie intros should be reading the summary at the top of your page..."one woman, one mission to figure out what it means to be mom, and a wife, and the meaning of everything......this June the world's most capable young woman will break your heart, and lead you into a world of romance and intrigue that will touch you...and leave you begging for more..."

Karen said...

Welcome to the World of Blogging, a fine start!!

Jo said...

I dont really know how you feel but I know I would be totally lost and heartsick in your shoes. I hope you can find your way back here someday...sooner rather than later.

Maddy said...

I am in the same boat as you.. we have to come with a sucessful business plan so that we can all move back to the pristine serenity that is home.

WhitbyDude01 said...

That's probably my favorite video of him.

LOL, your screams for help in that video aren't very convincing either.

Bob said...

I worked as an airline Customer Service Rep in Gander for 28 years. Countless times I'd say to a young father checking-in for the return to Ontario or Alberta..."How did you enjoy your vacation?" Invaribly the response was;"I can't wait to retire & come home".

I thought from the outset and still feel the same way sad it is to be living somewhere you don't want to be. Just keep on truckin' everybody & hang tuff.

Tina Chaulk said...

I'm enjoying your blog. I know it's a bit hard to keep up with posting, especially with a little one and summer and all but keep at it.

walkergirl said...

I've been meaning to ask you, what template are you using? I've decided to reactivate my blog :)

Steve said...

Walkergirl... she uses Minima Lefty. To find out, in your browser, just click View, Page Source and the information comes up there for you.