Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Home Movies

I have been exploring this whole blog thing and I noticed that Bloggers can now upload video we have on Google or You tube, and I thought to myself- I must try this. Hey, there is laundry to be done, but that can wait. Newbie must play with the shiny buttons.

But do I have any video?

It turns out I have some- the cutsie kind. You know the ones you take of your children when they are babies and you still love them.

It got me thinking about all those scratchy home videos we see featured on your average Hollywood “Family Movie”. Remember Chevy Chase all dolled up in woolen hats, fur shawls and tacky broaches, trapped in his attic watching the reels? Did you actually know anyone who had this stuff? I don’t. My family certainly didn’t.

As a matter of fact there aren’t a lot of pictures of us kids past the cute baby stage…Aside from those horrid school photos. Come on, you know the ones. There is a windmill behind you buried in fall leaves, and you have your hands folded oh so naturally on something that can pass for a reasonable facsimile of a log. If you are lucky, you have all your teeth. Unlucky? Well you are missing at least two, there are a few poking out at unnatural angles and you’ve got braces with purple rubber bands. But in our house, even those pictures stop around grade five.

Of course I am not really blaming Mom and Dad for this. I am mostly to blame. When I see a camera I do my best to shrink out of existence. I am not Amish or anything, I just don’t like having my picture taken.

I am trying to get a little better with the whole photo thing ever since Wil was born. And so we have taken over 800 photos since his birth. That is about four times the amount of pictures we have taken since my husband and I started dating in 1991. So there is progress being made here people.

Anyhow back to the blog video of Wil, either learning how to kiss Mommy, or teething (and mommy’s chin is so much nicer on the gums than the nuby she bought him). Anyway, enjoy, and if you got them, dig out your own home videos and pictures. I promise you will smile.

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