Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Republic of Doyle

The Republic of Doyle debuted last night, and while I wasn't wowed, I will watch again. It was the pilot episode and you could certainly tell. I can't really put my finger on exactly why, other than to say the episode seemed to lack some polish. It came off a little raw- like we were watching a dress rehearsal as opposed the the start of what is supposed to be CBC's new hit series- if you believe the hype.

I liked that fact they we were not subjected to any fishing scenes, stages or ridiculously outrageous stereotypical presentations of Newfoundlanders. It was wonderful to see the beauty, color and personality of the city of St John's displayed the way it was; almost like it is part of the cast. Another character to get to know and love. I see a lot of potential for the show. It could be a good ride.

I wasn't a big fan of Jake's wife Nikki, or Jake's possible hook-up Leslie (the female Constable). His wife overacted a few scenes, and the constable defined the term one dimensional. It would be impressive if The Republic of Doyle avoids the trend other shows follow where the male and female leads end up hopping into the sack together. A relationship of intellectual equals should develop between them. Yes, the sexual tension can create a few sparks and a few laughs, but a sense mutual respect and restrained professionalism should prevail.

Consider the following to be a public service announcement aimed at the Republic of Doyle writers: Please never allow Jake and Leslie to cross that line. I am telling you this for your own good because as soon as they do the horizontal bop The Republic of Doyle becomes just like every other show. It is usually a death knell. Think Mulder and Scully. Maddy and David. Bert and Ernie...ok maybe not that last one.

Still I liked it...I will give it a few more episodes before I decide if the show becomes a keeper for me or not. Have any of you seen it yet? What did you think?


BayGirl said...

Hey Nadine, I did my own short little review of sorts already on my blog. I think the consensus is pretty much the same so far with a lot of stuff I've read. People are not blown away, are seeing the potential, and are hesitant to make up their minds yet....which could be good or bad. At least we are all giving it a chance, right?

nadinebc said...

Yeah, I had a look around other boards today, and people seem to be at least willing to hang in there a bit.

Karen said...

It was okay and I'll watch again but only because it's set in St. John's. If it weren't set in Newfoundland I probably wouldn't watch again. (P.S.....not Saint John's).

Steve said...

I watched it tonight via PVR. I liked it but largely because it is set in St. John's. The characters seem a little forced and the mystery solving a little too contrived. I felt almost like I had just watched an episode of Scooby Doo.

It remains programmed on my PVR and I WILL watch it again.

nadinebc said...

Thanks Karen, I fixed it.

Steve, I have got the sense the only people who watched it were from NFLD. I haven't come across anyone at work who had seen it. That worries me a little.

Tina Marie said...

I know that you could tell it wasn't Hollywood, but it was Newfoundland and I think that in itself is awesome and worth watching again!!