Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It has been that kind of week

Haven't been blogging much of late. Too much going on at work and home to keep me busy. It has been a stressful few days. The worst thing is I am powerless to really do anything about the things I am stressing over.

So today I came home, plunked my little guy in front of the TV, put supper on, and promptly took a small crowbar to the stupid wooden border around the mirror in the powder room. The the dingbat who lived here before us nail gunned and stapled the "decorative border" around the mirror on the wall. And by the way, said dingbat previously had this bathroom painted puke green and purple haze...so I guess I should be grateful for the baby shit brown she threw on the walls to get the house ready for sale. (Hey maybe I could quit teaching and move into the naming paint colors industry?)

Anyhow, I had no plan, few tools, and no one to help out. I got the wooden border off (and a few good chunks of the wall off too- you know- just for shits and giggles), but I cannot get the damned mirror off the wall. It is clamped and glued. I have wrenched the clamps free, but the mirror still stands there.


Somebody better have one for me, because the next tool I am going to take out will likely be a sledgehammer.


Jay said...

a sledge hammer will be good for you - go for it!

Steve said...

If you really can't get it off, then glue a sturdy piece of fabric on it with something like contact cement. THEN take Jay's advice and gently take a hammer to it. The smaller pieces will be easier to take off.

Be careful!

nadinebc said...

Thanks guys, it is done. I used everything from dental floss, to saran wrap and strong language to get it down. The wall is a mess.

Next up get the toilet paper roll holder off, then the light fixture, then repair wall and prep for painting.