Friday, July 3, 2009

Making nice with an old friend

Tequila and I had a parting of ways over ten years ago. It was nasty. It was an out and out brawl.

It resulted in me hugging the toilet bowl for about four hours, all the while reciting: "Never again, just let me make it through the night, and I promise never to drink tequila again".

I kept my promise...until a few months ago. My friends Marie, Leah and I went to a local Mexican restaurant, and Margaritas were on the menu. And I was thirsty. So very thirsty. I ordered something I had not had before, a Golden Grand Margarita, and it was fabulous. Tangy, and fresh. I stopped myself at two.

So yes, we are on speaking terms again. We keep our visits short, and sweet. No shots mind you- never going back there again. We don't want to overdo it. We are just taking things slow- nice and easy over ice. With lime and Grand Marnier...Come on, you didn't think I was drinking that ready made slushy crap now did you? You know me better than that.

Come on, have one with me won't you?

Golden Grand Margarita

•1 1/2 oz Gold Tequila
•1/2 oz Grand Marnier
•1/2 oz lime juice
•3 oz sour mix
•dash of orange juice (optional)
•lime wedge for garnish
•course salt for rimming glass (optional)

Now I just pour it all over ice, and enjoy...

methinks there might have to be a part two to this post...maybe a demonstration? Mmmmm?


Philly Girl said...

Although I am not a Newfounlander, I have been there many times and miss it mightily when I can't go, like this year. We're having a "stay-cation" for the second year in a row. Maybe next year.

Onto the topic - my first and last encounter with a Margarita was in Iowa with my friend. Celebrating her nephew's birthday, we spent the evening at a Mexican restaurant where Diane ordered me a Jumbo Margarita. I happily drank it throughout the evening, realizing only when I stood up that it had been way too much booze for me that evening. "I hope I'm not driving," was my statement to Diane. All was well, although very wobbly, until her niece plugged a videotape into the VCR - the vision of Brittney bouncing up and down on a bungee cord proved my downfall. Diane was sympathetic and kept me company as I knelt before the porcelain altar. Never again, I swore and haven't yet. Not as brave as you.

nadinebc said...

Gie it some time....LOL

Thank you for the visit.

Anonymous said...
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