Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One for the record books

I am always aware of how much I miss my family- how wrong it is that we are all so far apart. There are times though when that awareness is something more.

Sometimes it is simple things- like when Wil does something funny, and I wish my parents were there to see it. Or when Don gets out his tool belt, and I wish my sisters were around to tease the devil out of him. Other times are more meaningful moments, like my son’s upcoming Kindergarten graduation, none of my family will be here for that milestone. Those are memories we will not get to make with each other. Instead there will be phone calls, photographs, Instagrams and shaky video clips on Facebook.

But there are times when we do make it back to the Rock and gather together. This past Easter was one of those rare occasions. On April 7th  my little sister got married and we all trekked home for the Easter weekend to support her. Grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, in-laws, outlaws and a side order of mainlanders descended on the Rock.

We were only together for four days- but boy did we make the most of it: a lot of laughing, a lot of crying,

 some truly monumental dancing,

my little man in a tux,

a lot of great food, a lot to drink, a 2 am run to Hiscock’s at the end of the big night and a lot of group hugs.

So it was a good long weekend. A beautiful wedding. We officially welcomed Perry into the family, we met awesome new people who became friends, and we got some much-needed time to reconnect as a family.

We need to do it again soon…Hear me little brother? Little sister? Weddings are the one event we all seem to somehow find time for….so how about it?

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