Friday, December 16, 2011

Messiah at the Mall

You probably have heard of Flash Mobs even if you haven’t been present for one. A Flash Mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place to perform an unusual act like a dance, or a pillow fight, for a brief time; and then disperse as quickly as they appeared. Most times Flash Mobs are heavily reliant on social media and are often organized via cell phones, Twitter, Facebook and the like.

This past weekend, shoppers at the Avalon Mall in St John’s were pleasantly surprised by a Flash Mob. Members of the Philharmonic Choir of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra treated shoppers with a sudden performance of the famous oratorio from Handel's "Messiah." The video below was provided by Nine Island Productions. Thanks to my cousin Emily for the link.


Jay said...
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Jay said...

That is very lovely! It seems like there are also just random shoppers singing with them!

I was walking home from the swimming pool earlier in the week. I came
across a wandering group of carollers who were going from house to house singing and picking up other carollers. They stood in the street and sang to me ! It made me feel so happy! I was invited to join in but sadly I had things to do.
Random acts of kindness are wonderful!