Monday, September 19, 2011

Goodbye summer

It was a good summer, but damn short. I don’t know where the whole thing went so fast, but I sure do wish I could have hit a pause button there somewhere. While the summer was short, it was productive. I got most of the house painted and new blinds installed. Don looked for and found a new job. My son grew at least an inch, and learned how to play baseball and soccer. And we were lucky enough to have visits from family back home, my parents (not one, but two visits with my mom!), an uncle and aunt and a side order of cousins. We also managed a short, but wonderful trip to Niagara Falls where I learned that my little boy loves thrill rides and room service. Little man after my own heart.

Now, back at work and in the grove, I am looking at how fast our days are passing. My son had his 5th birthday last week- how the hell did that happen? Wasn’t he just learning to walk yesterday? He just started hockey this weekend past and gymnastics starts up on Friday.

Don is back into Jujitsu, and I am contemplating starting up Yoga in the Fall. I am desperately trying to get rid of this damn Plantar Fasciitis so I can get back to jogging. Heck, at this point I would be happy to stand or walk for longer periods of time without wanting to chew my own foot off.

I had to say goodbye to a childhood friend this month, and I think that is playing with my mind some. Toying with my perception of time. I was helpless to do anything useful when he went missing- and I could not be there to say goodbye when he was found. It all hurt rather sharply.

The speed of life of late has left me feeling unsettled and nervous.

I sometimes feel like the proverbial hamster in a wheel, running and running, going over the same old track day after day, without the benefit of the calorie burn.

I have to work on finding that pause button. Until I find it, all I can do is appreciate the time that I have.

And I do.


Steve said...

Very sorry to read about losing your friend. It is especially hard when it is unexpected or when you are unable to be where you want, or need, to be.

For the plantar fasciitis, try this. Roll a golf ball under your foot, from two to heal, under the arch. It will HURT, but push hard enough to feel the stretch in spite of the pain. Do this for five minutes under each foot, twice a day. And use a GOLF BALL... there's no substitute. Also, try this exercise... drop a face cloth on the floor in your kitchen. Sit on a kitchen chair and pick up the cloth with your toes. Not between them, but by scrunching them. Do 20 reps on each foot, twice a day.

When this works, send me cash. :-)

nadinebc said...


Have tried that, and more. Plan to do a blog entry on this one alone.

Thanks for your condolances.