Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Turkey Day had by All

Thanksgiving weekend this year gave me a much needed semi-rest. It seems like I started running at the beginning of the school year, and I haven’t stopped since. It has been nutso. However this weekend I refused to do any school work. And even though every free moment was taken up with cleaning, baking and cooking I still feel like I had a bit of a break.

My sister, her boyfriend and family friend came to stay with us a few days. I like having people over for holidays and special occasions, it makes the house feel more like a home. We did the usual Thanksgiving traditions: we ate, and we drank, and then we ate and drank some more. Before we passed out into a turkey coma we decided to have a few games of cards. There is nothing quite like a game of 120s or Asshole to get the blood pumping. A few oaths were sworn- but all in all most of us came out without scars. I wish we could all get together and do it more often.

What did you all do for the Thanksgiving weekend?

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Jay said...

Our Thanksgiving seems to have taken on a new tradition. The guys played basketball out on the driveway for 45 minutes or so! It was awesome to see 3 generations of my family shooting baskets out there.
The kid brought the basketball net over a few weeks ago because we have a wide flat paved driveway, and they don't.
Other than that it was much the same as yours lots of cleaning and cooking - turket stuffing and pumpkin pie.