Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Learning Skills

One of the things we are working on with our little guy is getting dressed in the morning. He can do it on his own, but it takes forever, and early weekday mornings we just don't have the time. Our morning routine involves getting the boy up, putting new undies and socks on after the morning pee, and then putting his PJs back on. If you saw how he eats his cereal you would understand why we don't dress him right away. By the time Wil is done breakfast he looks like he stepped on a Special K landmine.

Well yesterday morning was a very busy one, and after the morning cereal bomb I wiped Wil down and told him to put his pants on while I slapped lunch together.

"Ok Momma" He said. And I attacked the sandwiches.

When I turned around his pants were on and he was struggling to get the shirt over his head. I helped him out with that, then with the boots, hat, mittens and jacket and we were off to the races.

Later that day when I went to pick him up at Daycare, his teacher Michelle hauled me aside and in a hushed voice asked:

"Do you realize Wilson has no underwear on today?"

Yes, that is right, my three year old son went to daycare Commando.

In corduroys.

I am the worst mother in the world.

It seems that when the poor shagger took his pajama pants off to put his pants on, his underwear came off with them, and he did not think to put them back on. I know this because when we came home said PJs and underwear were in a rolled doughnut formation in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I don't think either of us will make that mistake again.


Jenny said...

This is what makes parenthood so precious. You are one of the best moms ever!!!!!!

nadinebc said...

Thanks Jenny! I certainly did not feel like the best yesterday!

Nuclear Mom said...

Hee! I think this is too funny. Skadi dresses herself every morning and it takes ages for her to pick out which panties to wear, I don't see her making this mistake. Leif however, at nearly 3 years older, is just figuring out the dressing himself part and I am wondering if I shouldn't be watching him closer...

Jay said...

I am certain Wil is not the first child to arrive at care missing a layer!

That you allow him to dress himself without overseeing every step of the process is great!

Hats off to you! for encouraging his independence.

Once a very long time ago I lived at a tiny beach community the streets were bare on the weekdays. We had neighbours with 4 young children who lived on the other side of the block. Their kids ran back and forth along the road to our house to play . Lorlei, the youngest, was about 2 1/2 . She had waist length baby soft curls and went everywhere barefoot. She had the brightest smile, a red nose and an Irish accent.
One day as I recall I had been sent out to watch for her. She came up the stairs trailing her brother by a few minutes but hurrying to catch up.

"Oops" I heard.
Her sweet baby face looked at me, and with a twinkle announced

"I forgot my knickers!"