Friday, September 18, 2009

Tom Brokaw researching Gander 9/11

Tom Brokaw has been in Gander interviewing residents of Gander and nearby communities about their profound display of generosity and trust during the Sept. 11 attacks. It is funny, but during a time when people were the most afraid, the most paranoid and uncertain, Brokaw says Newfoundander's were telling strangers: "That's my house, it's open and there's lots of towels in the bathroom, you can go take a shower, I won't be home, but it's fine. And by the way, the fridge is full."

We are a fine crew I tell ya. A fine crew.


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Paul Schulte said...

I assume that by now you have seen the documentary by Tom Brokaw about Gander - just played during the Olympics on 27 Feb 2010. Fabulous. I was only in Newfoundland for 2 weeks a couple years ago, but now I want to go back. I think if I had been one of those "plane people" back in 2001 I would never have left.

nadinebc said...

Thanks Paul, very kind of you to say. You know you will always be welcome back in Newfoundland!