Monday, April 27, 2009

Green House for Shaun Majumder

I remember the first time I saw Shaun on Just for Laughs, he made me laugh so hard my sides ached. I had his routine on my PVR for months before I would let Don delete it. His delivery is so causal and conversational it is like having a few drinks with an old friend.

The Burlington Newfoundland native has had a variety of roles starting with YTV's CLIPS. His stand up routines lead him to become a popular host for the Comedy Festival Just For Laughs, a recurring role on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and Cedric the Entertainer Presents. All that exposure, helped propel the comedian to the big screen with Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

The Newfoundland funny man has another project in the works, and he needs your help to get it off the ground. Shaun wants to create a reality show called Shaun Majumder's Green Home. While it is not my favourite television genre ( OK, I admit it, I despise so called Reality TV), I do think this show is a good idea. Mostly because of the concept and principles behind it. The show would chronicle what it would take to build an environmentally green home. There is a rumor that at the end of the show, and the home's completion, that someone would actually win the final product.

They plan to build the home in Shaun's hometown, providing employment and exposure for the community. It also builds awareness of environmental issues, not only in Newfoundland, but for Canada as a whole. We need to be more proactive with environmental issues. Indeed, a recent report by Toronto's Corporate Knights magazine graded all the provinces on their eco-performance: the highest score, a measly 69%, went to BC, and Newfoundland ranked only slightly higher than the lowest ranked province; P.E.I.

So let's get behind this idea! Help throw your support to Shaun, and petition the CBC to back this proactive and innovative project. You can petition the cbc at this website, and you can join the Facebook devoted to the cause as well.

Pass it on!


Catheirna said...

I think this is a great idea. I would watch anything about Nfld and I love Shaun Majumder. I think that Nfld could really benefit from this and it would prove that we are not "goofy newfies" like the stereotypes say we are. Newfies are the most genuine and caring people in this country.

nadinebc said...

Thanks for the visit! I think this would be a great show too. Good for us in a lot of ways.