Thursday, January 8, 2009

Help us upgrade a classroom for kids!

A colleague of mine at Msgr. John Pereyma CSS (a school in the board I work with) has involved her class in a unique little project. As part of an assignment, Ms. Marie Bekessy has entered one of her 11C English classes in a classroom makeover contest sponsored by Expo (the whiteboard marker people) and have been chosen as one of 8 finalists from across Canada. If they win, a design team will be sent in and they will spend up to $15,000 to makeover the classroom including technology, new furniture, etc.

The final winner is chosen by on-line voting. So, the school needs EVERYONE (and all their friends, family members, elementary associates, club members, email recipients, etc.) to vote for them. The voting closes on January 30. The students see this as a chance to get some really "positive press" for Pereyma, and our School Board. It has been a great experience for them- and they have taken pride in how far they have come. Want to help them get a little further?

To vote, you need to go to and choose the tab that says "vote now". Although there can only be one vote per person, the same email address can be used multiple times (ie. one vote each for mom, dad, sis, etc.). There is also a short video explaining the contest and showing last year's winning school at .

Remember, we only have until January 30th to vote for Msgr. John Pereyma!

Thanks for your help!