Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, we have moved.

First, I want to give a shout-out and a huge thank you to the Honest Movers. They showed up with two men, two trucks and a work ethic that cannot be beat. It is no coincidence that this company is run by Newfoundlanders. They worked hard all day, respected our things, and even put the beds and my son’s crib together for us. If you are in Ontario and you have to move, I suggest you give this fine crew a call.

Now let’s get on to the not so warm and fuzzy bits.

The people who owned the home we bought were slightly crazy, very dirty and quite dishonest. And they were going through a divorce. The home was in very poor shape as compared to what it was when it was on the market. It is like they made the sale and then said: “Screw it, let’s live like animals”.

And so they did.

The floors were gunky, I made actual squelch sounds as I walked. The fridge looked like Dr. Alexander Fleming’s lab during the early years of mould research, and the kitchen cupboard and microwave required a Hazmat suited lab nerd to clean them safely.

But that could be handled with a little elbow grease- and mom and I had tackled a lot of it the night before we moved. It was the other stuff that really got me angry.

Like what you ask?

  • Well the siding at the back of the house was burned by the top of a BBQ, so now it looks like melted squiggly lines instead of siding.
  • She took the California shutters in the family room and master bedroom, filled in the holes from the removal and painted over the plaster.
  • She took the door handles off the front doors, and replaced them with different, shorter ones, so that now there are two holes in the front doors.
  • She removed light fixtures and replaced them with different ones. Uglier ones.
  • And just as a bonus, she left garbage on the front lawn, in the garage, and in the cupboards.

Gah. We are still digging out and unpacking.

After we bought a new home, I swore I would never buy new again. So this time around we bought a resale home.

I swear I will never buy resale again.

I am just going to have to rot here.

It is not all bad I guess. Once we work out all the kinks, we will make it ours. The bonus of this place is that there will never be anyone behind us- just a drainage pond and a walk way. So that is what I tell myself as we slog through the mess we did not want or expect. I am hoping as things settle down, I will have more time to blog, and to read other blogs.

A shower would be nice too…


Jo said...

Wow, what a witch. Glad you're in there and getting settled. Cant wait to see pics.

Nuclear Mom said...

Amazing. I cannot even believe this.

Steve said...

Depending on your appetite for conflict, you could fight with them over the stuff that was attached to the home... the lights, shutters, the damage to the siding... or at least you could have fought with them. Once you've passed the final inspection, it's yours.

I say screw it. What goes around, comes around. So, what exactly were the evil things you did to someone else in your past? :)

janet in ft worth said...

That sounds amazingly like what awaited my daughter and son-in-law when they moved into their "new" home six weeks ago. Filth everywhere, including left-behind area rugs covered in dog pee, spoiled food in the fridge and a garage and yard full of trash. They left the light fixtures, but took all the drapery hardware except for the ones they managed to bend taking down the curtains. They left a lot of furniture behind, too.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to move into a house where the people had moved out long before we looked at it and who were very clean. Although, I have to say had ZERO sense of style, but I can deal with that.

They were indeed suppose to leave all of those items there, but some people are just jerks!

I'm happy you are finally in though and that you are blogging again.

Geoff Meeker said...

Wow. That's incredible. Did you do a final inspection? That's when you really could have nailed them.

We once purchased a house that looked nice on the showing, but the same thing happened: they moved what they wanted and just left it a mess. On closing day, we walked in, took one look around and walked out again, advising their agent to have it thoroughly cleaned at their expense. The same would apply to damage, such as siding. You subtract the estimated repairs from the purchase price.

Either way, I hope you're happy now in your new abode!