Thursday, May 8, 2008

Call me crazy

May and June is a really busy time of year for me. My students who are working on the Skills Canada have their big competition early May (we just got back from Waterloo), the Communication Technology ISUs are due, and we start the final preparation for exams in June. In addition, the the two School Board committees I am on all seem to want final documentation and meetings around this time as well. And I have to juggle all these airborne balls with a nineteen month old and a husband who would like to see me from time to time.

But somehow, I have added a new task to my list.

We are selling the house.

Putting it on the market this week in fact.

Holy crap.

That means I have to paint, clean and gut the house, weed and plant, re-arrange and de-clutter and pack up what we can, before this Monday. Because, as the Real Estate Agent tells me, spring is the best time to sell, and there is not much up in our area now. If that weren't enough to consider, once the house goes on the market, I will have to keep it in pristene condition until the house is sold. Not sure how well that will work with the nineteen month old- or the husband for that matter as I am pretty sure that underwear in front of the shower stall will not be a selling feature.

I must be freaking nuts.

Does anyone have any tips to share?


Jo said...

Live in a tent in the backyard until it sells, that way, the house will stay clean at all times. We have a camper so I expect thats where we'll be living.

Toronto realtor said...

I am sure you will manage it somehow :-) I am working as a realtor in some Toronto neighbourhoods so I met few people like you. Buyers are usually prepared that somebody is still in the house and that it will also looks like somebody is still living in there. So no worries.

Steve said...

I agree. You are freaking nuts. :-)

I have never met a realtor that didn't say "Now is the best time to sell." Can you actually imagine one saying "You should put your house on the market two months from now." or, "Darn, you just missed the best time to sell, why don't you wait until next March and we'll put it up then?"

Good luck with the painting and decluttering. It's important that your cupboards and closets be as decluttered as possible. People get a warm feeling inside when they imagine how organized their lives are going to be when they move into the home that magically takes care of that kind of stuff.

nadinebc said...

Thanks everyone! We are getting there, the painter is holding us up at this point. Until he finishes a lot of stuff I need to get done has to wait. But we are getting there slowly.

c'est moi said...

burn it and collect the insurance! My Italian fried recommends something of the electrical variety started in the kitchen.