Monday, September 17, 2007

It is Election Time

But I just don’t feel it.

The money is flying, promises are being made, babies kissed, and roads are being paved. The rhetoric is heating up as the political ads air nonstop between ads for Tampax and Nytol. Sad tallies all of promises made, broke, kept, remade and negated.

And honestly, I don’t give a damn.

My Poppy served in World War II, and I have always taken the right to vote very seriously. I always made an effort to get to know the issues, to be politically aware, and to haul my fat ass up off the couch each Election Day and vote. I was one of those annoying coworkers who harassed and berated those who could not be bothered to get politically involved.

And now I am one of them.

I am just so tired of the same old crap. And hey, it is not like we all don’t know how it is going to end. We know who will get elected; we know what will happen after the election. Nothing.

And absolutely nothing will change.


Steve said...

"Sad tallies all of promises made, broke, kept, remade and negated."

Are you talking about the election, or Tampax and Nytol?

BTW, I was ALWAYS one of them folk who thinks it's all the same regardless who gets in. "I promise to lower the HST [but increase your income tax]." "I promise to pave your roads [paid for by a new toll booth]." "I promise to improve health care for seniors [cross your fingers that they all die quickly though]." "I promise to rant and roar like a true Newfoundlander [because I'm an obscenely weather cable TV executive who has nothing to lose]."

Steve said...

uhm... that was supposed to be "wealthy" not "weather"...

Damned spell check...

WhitbyDude01 said...

I think that if you did a bit of research on where each of the candiates stood you would probably find SOMETHING that would sway your opinion one way or another..if not at the provincial level then maybe at the regional. What has your MPP been doing to make life better in your area? Anything? Nothing? I honestly don't know. To make an informed vote requires a little investigation from the voter. That means doing a little home work and taking some time out of a busy schedule to do so.....and...yawn....I don't know if I'm that interested.

Nuclear Mom said...

You sound like me. I can't get excited about any candidate (state or federal) out there because I truly don't believe anything will change.

Ok, with one exception. One of our neighbors is running for city council... I am voting for him simply because that means I have someone accessible to go and whine to about city issues. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had a lady call my house yesterday on my lunch break and ask, "...can we count on your vote for the Liberal Party..." and I said, "why?"; silence filled the air, and then I had my answer, as I always thought.
I've always respected what those before us have done to give us our rights to vote, but I've never voted for the simple fact that I'm not interested in giving them my opinion because they bloody well do what they want anyway. I'm not suggesting that people shouldn't vote, I just choose not to do so.

Stephanie (yeah it's me Deanie)